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Hello from the Boy Scout Jamboree!

It is Thursday morning (I think) and I am taking a few quiet moments to get set for the day. 

Starting off Monday afternoon with 400 Scouts, we have had 2000-3000 youth and adults go through the intro to Scuba area each day.  I am located in the Exhibits tent that they go through on the way out.

Delaware so far - finished 2007 area!

Roper had a bumpy trip up to Lewes but did finally arrive early on the mornign of October 3.

We participated in Lewes' annual Boast the Coast day, wrapping up with an Honorable Mention for our entry in the Parade of Lights.

U-1105 and Favorite - what amazing dives!

The Roper is finally home and we took her out Satuday to dive the U-1105 and the Favorite. 

The visibility on the U-1105 was the best any of us has ever seen, ambient light actually reached the boat enough to be able to see your buddy or the u-boat from several feet away, perhaps as much as 10-15 feet with your light.  Between the great visibility and the absolute lack of current, it was my first opportunity to really tour the u-boat and get a feel for her.  I have posted photos on Facebook and will also e-mail them to Dave, so he can add to this blog.

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