Reedville - Blanca, 05Feb2014

rfm_signrfm_signLast Saturday we took a trip to Reedville, Virginia, to visit the Reedville Fishermen's Museum there.

Ballena Blanca Rides Again! - Blanca, 14Jan2014

comingtopiercomingtopierFor the first time in probably more than 25 years, Ballena Blanca moved under her own power, from the slip to the fuel pier to take on diesel, then for a 20 minute jaunt around Herring Creek.


2014 newsletter

The attached newsletter summarizes events in 2013 and plans for 2014.

Battle of the Atlantic Research and Expedition Group

IMH is pleased and proud to welcome the Battle of the Atlantic Research and Expedition Group as an affiliate organization.  The Group is focused on studying the history of the Battle of the Atlantic in both World Wars, and assessing the physical remains of those battles along the Atlantic coast.  We will share assets, fieldwork, information, and membership.

2013 FIELDWORK: st Mary's River oyster reef

Please see attached .pdf report

2013 fieldwork: Quantico

Please see attached .pdf report

2013 fieldwork: Mt Vernon

Please see attached .pdf report

History Comes Alive - Blanca, 10Oct2013

Mystic SeaportMystic Seaport

Sail PlanSail PlanWe finally got to Mystic Seaport in August.  We spent two days walking around the museum.  What a great place!  I highly recommend a visit.

new IMH workboat

See attached pdf

Something completely different

The St Mary's River Watershed Association has asked IMH to lay six to eight mounds of hollow concrete reef balls as part of their oyster restoration project.  Each mound would comprise 31 to 37 balls.  Each  ball weighs about 350 pounds, so that makes approximately 42 tons to move.  We can handle the balls easily with Roper's davit, one at a time.  We probably can carry and deploy six or more balls on a trip, so the whole job would take perhaps 40 trips over two weeks -- mostly weekdays, som

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