Chipping and Scraping and Sanding, Oh My! - Gypsy 27mar2010

Now that March Madness is over (I'm talking about the annual spree of archaeology conferences-- what did you think I meant?) it's back to work on the boat.

The weather was warm enough to be comfortable, but not warm enough for fiberglass work.  That's ok-- there's plenty of sanding to do.  Here's a pic that shows the existing bottom paint, what's left of it.  The red color is the original gelcoat.bottompaintbeforebottompaintbefore

2010 plans (2)

The Maryland Historical Trust will survey several submerged battlefields in the Chesapeake this year. under a grant from the National Park Service's ABPP (American Battlefields Protection Program).  The Trust will need volunteers for that work -- divers, boat drivers, and researchers.  If you are interested please email


2010 plans cut back

The Maryland legislature voted on 3/26 not to fund any non-capital historic grants this year, so our plans for SHIP in Maryland will be curtailed.  We have at least 226 sites to assess in Maryland waters.  Many of them are fairly close to our home port at Tall Timbers, so we will stay very busy.

On the bright side, the lack of Maryland funding will free up a lot of time for reconnaissance in Virginia and Delaware if we get funding from those states, plus at least one field school -- maybe two, if enough people want it.

Maryland funding is in jeopardy

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The Spring 2010 newsletter is out!

Thanks to editors Cynthia Loden-Dowdle, Isabel Mack, and Kirk Pierce, and contributors Susan Langley, Joyce Steinmetz, Bill Utley, and Brendan Burke. The nesletter is attached as a pdf file.

Fuel Tank Port - Gypsy, 06Mar2010

The weather has finally broken in Southern Maryland and it was warm enough this weekend to get some work done!

The ice in the bilges finally melted completely, letting me pump out all the water.  Unfortunately, two out of three old pumps didn't survive the winter ice.  The important engine-room pump made it, though!

Mount Vernon survey

IMH will partner with the Maryland Historical Trust, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, the Mount Vernon Ladies Association, and the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program to conduct the first known underwater survey at Mount Vernon.  Details are in the attached pdf file.

SHIP schedule, revised

20 - 21 Feb      SHIP Md            scan & map
27 - 28 Feb      "                        "
6 Mar - 11 Apr  Roper                haul, fix, sand and paint
Sat., 13 Mar     Crownsville MD  Maryland Archaeology Workshop

Restoration Plan - Gypsy, 12Feb2010

BlizzardBlizzardNo work on the boat this week-- you may have heard we had a touch of "wintry-mix" in these parts. I've gotten down to the point where things need to melt before I can go further.

So what does a boat restorer do when he's not restoring the boat? He thinks about restoring the boat!

"'Tis not a fit night out for man nor beast!" - Gypsy, 04Feb2010


snowonthebowsnowonthebowThe beautiful weather last weekend made it an absolute joy to work on the boat... NOT! More like an scene from Ice Station Zebra. By Sunday morning, we had almost a foot of snow in the boatyard, with 2 foot drifts here and there. True to form, they're predicting a second foot-plus snowfall for this coming weekend. More fun!

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