another project for 2012, small to start

The Continental Navy brigantine Andrew Doria (sic) was a former merchant brig that was purchased by the Continental Congress late in 1775 and sas rerigged and converted to a warship at the Humphreys shipyard in Philadelphia.  She fought in the battles of Block Island and Nassau, received the first international salute to the American flag from the Dutch at St. Eustatius, and was burned to prevent capture near Philadelphia on 21 or 22 Nov 1777 after the Royal Navy forced the Delaware River..  Oh, those Brits….
A non-profit group called Andrew Doria – The First Salute, Inc. wants to build a replica, and wants to find and map the original to make the replica more accurate.  They think they know where the brigantine and a British prize named Racehorse were burned.
The site probably is heavily sedimented.  If the vessels were destroyed too quickly to strip them first, and if their guns were iron (probable) and are still there (doubtful), there is a good chance we can find them with a magnetometer.  However, ground-truthing any buried mag hits would require excavation, which is far beyond the scope on this initial reconnaissance.  All we could accomplish on this trip is to localize mag targets for later investigation, a necessary first step.
If First Salute is correct about where the wrecks lie, the search should only take a day or two.  I hope we can do it in April while we are in Delaware River for the Fort Elfsborg search and while we still have LAMP’s good mag on loan.  The project would be coordinated with the Naval History and Hertitage Command, and the New Jersey Bureau of Archaeology and Ethnography.  Stay tuned.  As always, contact IMH if you would like to participate.

Autumn 2011 plans

We are contemplating a massive reconnaissance project to run from18  August to 10 November 2011, to investigate a long list of targets (372 at current count) in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays and off Cape Henlopen.  A draft project plan is attached as a .pdf file.

The idea is to start when Roper returns from her summer soujourn at St. Augustine, and to finish in time to pull the U-1105 buoy on 12-13 November for the winter.  “We are ready now … as soon as we refuel.”

Anyone interested in participating as a diver, tender, boat-driver or researcher would be very welcome, subject to our rule against disturbing sites or disclosing them to others who might: “no take, no talk.”  Some of the diving will be easy, and some challenging.  All of it will be low-viz or no-viz.  Most targets are in 40 feet or less, but some are as deep as 90 feet.

If you would like to sign up or get more information please use the “contact” link or email