Something completely different

The St Mary’s River Watershed Association has asked IMH to lay six to eight mounds of hollow concrete reef balls as part of their oyster restoration project.  Each mound would comprise 31 to 37 balls.  Each  ball weighs about 350 pounds, so that makes approximately 42 tons to move.  We can handle the balls easily with Roper‘s davit, one at a time.  We probably can carry and deploy six or more balls on a trip, so the whole job would take perhaps 40 trips over two weeks — mostly weekdays, some weekends, preferably when the weather is too rough to dive the four lower Potomac shipwreck sites on the current schedule.  We should start on Monday 9 Sep when the Association’s director is available to show us how to do it.

If you would like to participate please click the “contact” button at the top right corner of this webpage.