BP oil spill

The oil spill in the Gulf will certainly impact historic sites.  Roper is at St.Sugustine now for LAMP's field school.  She might go to the Gulf afterwards, if there is some way IMH can help assess sites and protect them from the spill.

Anyone interested in helping in this emergency by field work, funding, research, outreach, or otherwise, please contact IMH through the website or email me directly at david.howe@maritimehistory.org.  Thanks!



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BP no go, Roper yo ho.

The Gulf states have expressed great concern for the spill's impact on historic sites, but apparently funds are not readily available for those purposes.  Sigh!  We will bring Roper back to the Chesapeake at the end of July, if we can pry her from LAMP's loving fingers.  Profound thanks to Brendan Burke, Chuck Meide, Sam Turner, and this year's field school students for taking such good care of her!