IMH field school

Our first field school in low-viz reconnaissance was held on 15-16 and 22-23 September.  Nine students attended.

The course included a day and a half on shore to cover basic material and to practice site mapping techniques, two and a half days on the water to run sidescan sonar search lanes and map several wrecks, and completion of a Maryland Historical Trust site report on one of the wrecks.

Videos by Captain Bill Toti are posted at

Photos by Cynthia Dowdle and McKinney Edwards are posted at

Two of the wrecks we mapped need more work.  We intend to return there over the fall.  One of them is a small, heavily corroded steel wreck of unknown age and type, and the other is a small wooden vesel, probably a workboat or crabber, lying near Historic St. Mary’s City.

Thanks to all who participated as students, instructors, or safety divers!

We will offer another field school at Lewes DE between 27 September and 10 October if enough people (six or more) want it.  To sign up or get more information please use the contact link.