Solo dive training

As you may know, Adventure Scuba has been offering training through SDI in addition to NAUI and PADI.  Although we traditionally promote the buddy system, one of the courses that I believe can be of great value to IMH divers is the SDI Solo Diver Course.  SDI has successfully promoted solo diving as an option for experienced divers engaged in certain activities. It is a program that is not suitable for every diver because divers must be willing to make the necessary commitment to train and equip themselves to manage the added risks independent diving involves.  The program teaches divers how to dive independently, deal with self-rescue situations, develop a greater sense of self-awareness and utilize redundant breathing systems (e.g. pony bottle) in addition to other valuable skills. 

The training consists of classroom (2 hours), confined-water training (1-2 hrs), and than 2 open water dives (Millbrook Quarry).  If a person is not able to make all of the dates, we can make alternative arrangements within reason.  Butch Spadotto (, SDI IT, will be instructing this class.

Class dates:

Classroom at ASC OCT 5, 6pmPool training at Cub Run OCT 8, 9-11pmOpen Water dives at Millbrook Quarry OCT 10, 1pm

The total cost for the training is $210.  This includes the tuition and training materials and c-card (IMH members are receiving 10% off the training materials in this price).  ASC is limiting the first round of this class to 6 divers.

Required equipment: full scuba unit, personal gear, and a redundant scuba system (min 13cu ft.) not SPARE AIR.