Mount Vernon project

We started scanning at Mount Vernon on Saturday, 24 April.  In the first two days we found more wrecks and other anomalies than we can ground-truth and assess in the week remaining on the schedule, so we will just have to go back again.  We also found more than 30 sites in the Potmac on the trip there.

Crew for the first weekend included Brendan Burke of LAMP, Ron Grayson of the Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources, and the following IMH stalwarts:  Dawn Chesaek, Isabel Mack, John and Cynthia Dowdle, Bill and Karen Toti, Nick Cianflone, Dan Lynberg, Kirk Pierce, and Dave Howe.

Boats include Dan’s 26-foot catamaran “Reflections,” Dawn’s 17-foot Mako, and good old “Roper” sporting new paint, a derrick for handling towfish &c., and a clean fuel tank, thanks to many hours of hard work by Brendan, Dawn, Isabel, Kirk, Kirk Esco, Mike Nowotny,  Erik Rebeck, and others.  Thank you all!!