Farewell Gypsy - Blanca 08may2010

We have the title to the boat!  So Gypsy is officially no longer abandoned.  We've decided to rename her, against many complaints from the "locals", who see this boat as a fixture of the marina-- as Dave likes to say, he's been here so long, he's no longer a "regular," he's furniture-- and the boat's been here far longer.  She'll soon be in the water, which will change the whole look of the boat-yard.

Chipping and Scraping and Sanding, Oh My! - Gypsy 27mar2010

Now that March Madness is over (I'm talking about the annual spree of archaeology conferences-- what did you think I meant?) it's back to work on the boat.

The weather was warm enough to be comfortable, but not warm enough for fiberglass work.  That's ok-- there's plenty of sanding to do.  Here's a pic that shows the existing bottom paint, what's left of it.  The red color is the original gelcoat.bottompaintbeforebottompaintbefore

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