Electrickery – Blanca, 04Aug2014

I finished this last month and finally remembered to snap a few pictures– the DC electrical system is mostly in place.  All the heavy metal: up to 4/0 gauge cables and heavy copper bars to handle as much as 400 amps (at 12 volts). The plan is to combine the batteries in the battery bank with a “star” approach, instead of the traditional daisy-chain.  A little more money in a second set of bus-bars, but this way each battery has an identical copper path, preventing any imbalance from one to the next.

I ordered the inverter/charger I’ve been planning for– a 3000 watt Victron Multiplus.  That guy should be heavy-duty enough to handle a microwave or other heavy load (for short periods).  Along with Victron’s battery monitor and monitoring panel, I’ll be able to keep track of the batteries, etc. and have some expansion room for things like solar or wind charging.

The DC distribution panel is installed and working.  Thanks to Phil at Polaris Panels (http://www.polarispanels.com/) for that.  He’s been great with advice and quality products for my AC, DC and engine panels.

Finally, I got a start on replacing the cabin sole in the galley.  We’ve been tip-toeing from stringer to stringer so long, it was really nice not to have to look down for each step.  The companionway stairs are solid now, too, so they won’t tip.  And the railing is re-installed,  making it safer and easier to move around, especially if the boat rolls.

Next project– secondary alternator.