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Happy New Year! - Blanca, 5Jan2015

Happy New Year!  To take the edge off the winter cold, here's a picture of the "new" diesel-fired cabin heater I installed last month. heaterheater

Electrickery - Blanca, 04Aug2014

dc_mainsdc_mainsI finished this last month and finally remembered to snap a few pictures-- the DC electrical system is mostly in place.  All the heavy metal: up to 4/0 gauge cables and heavy copper bars to handle as much as 400 amps (at 12 volts).

The Payoff - Blanca, 14Jul2014

lights at sunsetlights at sunsetIn May, I was able to get the navigation lights all installed.  That required a "mini-mast" on the bridge for a mast-head light.  That light will move to the real mast-head when we get one.  I also installed a life-ring holder for the life-ring, complete with Blanca's name.

Warm Weather - Blanca, 14Apr2014

Bow by buoyBow by buoyFINALLY!!  After an awful winter of rain, snow and cold, we finally got a decent weekend in the 70s.  Time to go boating!  Isabel rode on the bow as we took Ballena Blanca for her first little trip into the Potomac.  We cruised down to the U-1105 marker buoy (that Capt.

Reedville - Blanca, 05Feb2014

rfm_signrfm_signLast Saturday we took a trip to Reedville, Virginia, to visit the Reedville Fishermen's Museum there.

Ballena Blanca Rides Again! - Blanca, 14Jan2014

comingtopiercomingtopierFor the first time in probably more than 25 years, Ballena Blanca moved under her own power, from the slip to the fuel pier to take on diesel, then for a 20 minute jaunt around Herring Creek.


History Comes Alive - Blanca, 10Oct2013

Mystic SeaportMystic Seaport

Sail PlanSail PlanWe finally got to Mystic Seaport in August.  We spent two days walking around the museum.  What a great place!  I highly recommend a visit.

Heavy Metal - Blanca, 30Jun2013

This week I finally found a source for an I-beam to make a lifting rig for the old generator and starboard engine.  I'd found the rest of the gear for hoisting (chain hoist, beam trolley, etc.) for a reasonable price (yay, Harbor Freight!).

Fuel Polisher - Blanca, 17Jun2013

This spring (while waiting for penerating oil to penetrate the stuck piston in the starboard engine) I put together a fuel polishing and distribution system for Blanca.

I had an issue with water in the fuel tanks--  they sat mostly empty all winter, and when I started the port engine, the water separator did its thing.  I had to shut down and empty the sludge bowl every 3 minutes or so!  I'd been ruminating about a fuel polishing system, so I decided to move that up in the schedule.

Sister Ship - Blanca, 17Jun2013

Awhile back, I discovered that Blanca's sister ship (the other of only two made) was docked in Alameda, California.  She (oddly, named "Gypsy") recently underwent a change of ownership and was relocated to Ohio.  I've traded emails and phone-calls with the owners, and they shared some pictures of her as she was being relocated.  So strange, to see "my boat" (with slight differences), being partly disassembled and trailered!

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