Cabin Progress - Blanca, 04Mar2012

I've been remiss again-- haven't updated this since last fall.  But I've been busy all "winter"  (Hardly a winter we had this year-- no snow and only a handful of freezing days.  But, who am I to complain!)

First, I finished the under-waterway compartments.  Here's a couple pictures of the completed product (except for paint).starboard waterway completestarboard waterway complete  

port waterway completeport waterway complete





Moving on to the interior, the big job was to gut the compartment under the waterway in the cabin.  The bulkhead that continued the "wall" below the windows, separating the cabin from the under-waterway area was completely rotted.  It was originally 1/4" or 3/8" plywood-- now it's a pile of mulch in the engine room.  Here's a picture of the space after being cleaned out.

gutted under-waterwaygutted under-waterway

I really need to learn to take "before" pictures-- this one doesn't show how much... crap was in there.




I was able to rescue one pair of teak louvered doors that were originally in that bulkhead, so I re-used them.  The space under the aft window will be the tool-locker/workbench.  Here it is partially built.

workbench partialworkbench partial


The under-waterway space will eventually have the AC system and inverter/charger in it, so the doors will make access to that gear easy.  Access behind the workbench will require it being emptied and moved-- it's back serves as the access panel to that area.  Here it is more less complete.


workbench completeworkbench complete



And in use!


workbench in useworkbench in use




The new custom AC breaker panel is in the forward section of this bulkhead.  Here it is being fitted.

breaker panel fittedbreaker panel fitted


It's completely installed as I write this, with teak trim and a plexiglass door to keep it clean.  The isolation transformer is installed behind the doors and the single outlet (next to the louvered doors) is wired up and energized.  No more scary extension cords over the gunwhale to the pier!  Now just a scary shore-power cord instead...


Next up-- engines!