Pretty-ness - Blanca 22may2010

This weekend I decided to do some clean-up.  Perform a Pretty-ness on the boat.  Basically a motivational activity to keep my spirits up.

So I broke out the power-washer and went to town on the teak.  I can hear the collective gasp of all you old salts out there about destroying the precious teak!!  Don't worry-- I'll probably never do this again.  And I can't think of another way to scrape through 20+ years of pine-tree poo to actually get down to wood.

Here's the results:

clean fore deckclean fore deck

clean house teakclean house teak

clean back deck from bridgeclean back deck from bridge

clean back deck and ladderclean back deck and ladder





Cleaning the Blanca

It looks even better in person!  Good job!

Stefan Claesson's picture

Ballena Blanca

She's shaping up nicely! Keep up the good work!