2010 plans

2010 will be a busy year, with a lot of reconnaissance for the Maryland Historical Trust, and ground-truthing the sites we found in 2007 and 2009 in the Delaware for the Delaware Division of Historical & Cultural Affairs and the Archaeological Society of Delaware, and mapping the Quantico Creek site for the Marine Corps base, and perhaps doing some reconnaissance for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources in several rivers, and perhaps helping MHT survey some battlefield sites — plus giving Roper her biennial bottom paint, adding a small derrick to lift ballast stones at the St. Augustine site, and taking her to Florida for field work and a four-week field school at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum.  Our grant proposal to MHT will cover two large areas of the Potomac, involving 70 or more days of scanning and as much diving as it takes to map whatever we find.  The areas range from Cobb Island to the Rt 301 bridge, and from Smith Creek to Point Lookout.

The February issue of Chesapeake Bay magazine will include a feature article on IMH’s work in the Bay.  Hopefully. the article will help recruit more members.

Adventure Scuba plans to offer more sessions of their exellent low-viz training course.  IMH may offer another four-day field school in low-viz site mapping if people want it.

The initial plan for the year is as follows:

date                  meet boat           area / job     notes
all January        Tall Timbers MD   SHIP        recon & map, finish SHIP 09 work
6– 9 Jan            Amelia Island FL Society for Historical Archaeology annual conference
6– 7 Feb            Tall Timbers       SHIP         get details on selected sites
13–14 Feb         ”                        fun            Valentine’s Day dives
20–21 Feb         ”                        SHIP         get details on selected sites
27–28 Feb         ”                        Roper        haul boat, scrub bottom
6–7 March         ”                        ”               fix, sand and paint boat
13 Mar               Crownsille MD     Maryland Archaeology Workshop
20 Mar               Ocean City MD   Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference
20 Mar–4 Apr     Tall Timbers       Roper        fix, sand and paint boat
10–11 Apr          ”                       ”               launch, sea trials
17–18 Apr          ”                       U-1105      put mooring buoy on site
25 Apr-9 May *   ”                       SHIP         get details on selected sites
15 – 16 May       ”                       Roper        prepare for Florida trip
Sat. 22 May       ”                        LAMP        underway for Florida
26 or 27 May      ”                                        arrive St. Augustine
all June              Lewes DE          SHIP         ground-truth Delaware sites
Fri. 2 July                                     LAMP        fly or train to St. Augustine
Sun. 4 July         St. Augustine     ”               underway for Maryland
8 or 9 July                                    ”               arrive at Tall Timbers
17 July–1 Aug *  various             SHIP         map Potomac and Quantico sites
7 Aug – 30 Nov *                         ”               recon for MHT
20 – 21 Nov       Tall Timbers       U-1105      pull buoy for the winter  

Whenever:    Help MHT map battlefield sites in the Chesapeake.
                     Finish Gunston Hall reconnaissance!!
                     Scan and map Virginia rivers? *
                     Enter, plot, and reconcile site data for DE, MD, and VA.

*    scan during the week, dive on weekends

Schedule updates will be emailed to anyone who wants them.

PS — Please don’t forget your dues!  All this work takes money.