Chipping and Scraping and Sanding, Oh My! – Gypsy 27mar2010

Now that March Madness is over (I’m talking about the annual spree of archaeology conferences– what did you think I meant?) it’s back to work on the boat.

The weather was warm enough to be comfortable, but not warm enough for fiberglass work.  That’s ok– there’s plenty of sanding to do.  Here’s a pic that shows the existing bottom paint, what’s left of it.  The red color is the original gelcoat.

I’ve also got the spot where an old thru-hull was all sanded and ready for glass.  Here it is from the port bow:


And closer.  You can see the wood core and the inner glass.  The inner glass is about 3/8″ thick, and the outer more than an inch.

The old green bottom paint just flakes off, and the sander makes it just shower down.  By the time I quit working on Saturday I was covered.  Cap’n Dave said I looked like an “Irish Smurf”.  Didn’t come off too easy in the shower, either.  Nasty stuff.  Glad I’ve got a dust-mask.

 Next weekend is supposed to be nicer– I’ll get my fiberglass supplies and start makin’ plastic!