Christened – Blanca 17oct2010

Today we moved Blanca to her (more or less) permanent slip at Tall Timbers.  What seemed straight-forward at first became a rather “competitive ballet”, consisting of Roper and humans on one side, and the wind, current and shallow water on the other.  The eventual outcome was not always obvious, but after at least two complete spins, the 50 foot trip was completed and Ballena Blanca was safely moored on Pier A.

The new location afforded me the ability to sit on the lower part of the pier and apply Blanca’s name to her transom.  The curve of the surface made transferring the vinyl lettering something less than easy, but the ten-foot rule applies (“If it looks ok from 10 feet away, it’s good enough.”)  Although sometimes I have to use the twelve-foot rule.  Or the twenty…

Someone asked me the other day when I think this boat will be “finished.”  Obviously not a boat-owner!  Frankly, I like this work so much, I’m be happy that it never will.

Next up– aft hold hatch covers!